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By: Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director –

Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC


Colin Kaepernick has arrived into the conversation of America and the world.  His name is now on the lips of people who are not football enthusiasts.  Many may not know his position on the field, or what a quarterback really does.  Colin Kaepernick is now a 28 year old male, who has viewed the reality of being Black in America.  His vision of this reality has ignited a growing movement among his peers.  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was only 26, when the Montgomery Bus Boycott leadership mantle was thrust upon him.  We now recognize that beginning to be associated with the Civil Rights Movement.  The core values of the Civil Rights Movement all lead to justice.

Colin Kaepernick has emerged as a leader by simply following a process set before him.  He has come forth through a system that adored him as a:

  • Student Athlete loved,
  • Professional Athlete adored, and
  • Courageous Man of Integrity misunderstood.

As a student athlete, his potential was highly appreciated.  Colin began playing football at age 8. He went on to win several punt, pass, and kick contests.  Colin was nourished and nurtured through every level of competition both academically and athletically.  He graduated from John H. Pittman High School in Turlock, California with 4.0 GPA.  Colin was a dominate basketball player.  Colin was nominated as an All-State Baseball, Basketball, and Football Player.  He was drafted by the Chicago Cubs out of high school to be a professional baseball player; instead, he chose the path to become a student athlete.  He was applauded as a student athlete at the University of Nevada Reno.  He was trained for life after his collegiate career.  He was armed with an education both academically and athletically.   Colin was loved as a student athlete.

As a professional athlete, he was adored by fans as he led the San Francisco 49’ers to an appearance in the Super Bowl in 2012 and the NFC Championship Game in 2013, only his second and third years in the league.  He set multiple records during that span including the most rushing yards (181) eclipsing Michael Vick’s old mark of 173.  Colin Kaepernick was rewarded with a 126 million dollar contract with 54 million guaranteed.  His team and fans adored Colin as a professional athlete.

As a courageous man of integrity, Colin’s education and cultural experiences has taught him life learning beyond the classroom and the athletic field.  He has learned what it means to be a Black man in America.  He has learned his history.  He has been trained in the system’s halls of higher learning.  He has reached the system’s stage of visibility through its athletic arena.  On this stage, Colin Kaepernick has chosen to sit or kneel to show that he has learned the meaning of the United States Constitution.  He has chosen to be a Black man, a courageous Black man, rather than just a professional athlete.  For being a courageous Black man, Colin Kaepernick has received death threats.  For being a man, a courageous man of integrity, Colin Kaepernick has been misunderstood.

May Colin Kaepernick’s decision to become a courageous man of integrity challenge his peers and his generation to launch a Movement for Justice for Black People in America.

WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM serves as a bastion of Black Consciousness that transcends generational divides.

Register today at www.blacksforchange.com.  Remember, one million strong by Black History Month (February) 2017!  Do not delay register today!


  • A voice that expresses the sentiments of the people must not be silenced.


By:  Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director, Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC

Beyond the personal support of the man, Colin Kaepernick.  I support the level of Black Consciousness that his actions have raised.  I have no personal knowledge of Colin Kaepernick’s faith commitment or any of his organizational allegiance.  What I do possess; however, is a keen awareness of the absence of justice in America and an astute recognition of the presence of injustice.  I have to act on the absence of justice and the presence of injustice far more than any personal action taken by Colin Kaepernick.  In essence, I appreciate Brother Colin’s courage to launch a personal protest that may involve into a movement.  What must be seen going forward is the meaning of why he started his personal sit down as opposed to what the flag does or does not stand for, or the National Anthem represents or does not represent.

The personal action demand has been launched by injustice and oppression aimed at Blacks and other people of color in this nation.  Since Colin Kaepernick has taken the systemic acts of oppression against the less fortunate personally, each individual must not look solely to Colin Kaepernick for a next course of action.  The question now becomes, what will you do as an individual?  What will be your individual protest or proactive response to the current plight of injustice?  Kaepernick has risked his career and his earning capacity on the line.  Will you stand or sit at the next high school football game?  Do you feel strong enough about the injustice to risk your son or nephew an opportunity to get a scholarship to college?  Or, do you feel the struggle should be left to others on a bigger stage?

Let us not allow “the Colin Kaepernick Experience” to become only a star-studded, trendy event. Should that become the course of action, then there will be the risk that entire effort will quickly fade.  This significant moment and opportunity should not be tabled until the next hottest thing appears.

  • In the comfort of your own home, what do you plan to do when the Nation Anthem is played?
  • In the confines of your own heart, what will you be thinking?
  • In the inner chambers of your heart, what action will be prompted within you when the Black National Anthem (Lift Every Voice and Sing) is played?

Some have suggested America (as far back as “the Ray Charles Rendition”) should be the Nation Anthem.

As related to the National Anthem controversy, I have a suggestion in the midst of the calls for dialogue and discussion.  I hereby suggest, “A’INT NO STOPPIN’ US NOW” by Whitehead and McFadden.  Colin Kaepernick has reminded us as well inspired us to move from merely standing to doing.  Whitehead and McFadden have reminded us and Colin Kaepernick and other professional athletes have shown us that we are on the move – A CHANGE IS COMING!

Rather than the continuous reliance on the Eurocentric controlled media for dialogue, discussion, and direction, www.blacksforchange.com proffers a platform of inclusion, proactive engagement, solution deployment.

Register today on www.blacksforchange.com.  It Is Free – Be Free!




I support Colin Kaepernick.  I have been exposed to the entire lyrics of The National Anthem. I have discovered that the second verse serves as an ode to slave owners.  In addition, it demeans Blacks as property.

I must interject here that African-Americans/Blacks in America did not come to this land as immigrants.  That is number one.  Number two, Africans were not looking for a better opportunity or quality of life in the agricultural industry in the southern states in America.  And number three, truth should and will triumph over patriotism.

The founding fathers of this nation and their patriotic movement sound have a background check (reality check).  The myth or history surrounding the so called founding fathers orbits a primary objective, freedom from a dominant power.  This has been the historical version taught in the public school system as related to the founding fathers.  These founding fathers of the United States of America were White (descendants of Europeans and proud owners of African slaves that were purchased expressly to supply a cheap labor force in America).

These founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, embraced the assignment with specificity of what they desired as an outcome.  A background check on these founding father and the birthers of this contemporary patriotic fervor should have been charged with crimes and convicted by the laws that they composed.  They were guilty of felonies and repeat offenders.  In contemporary America, they (the founding fathers) would be codified as habitual criminals.  They would forfeit their rights to bear arms or to vote.  The founding fathers of these United States of America would have their liberty and freedom curtailed.  They would have to register as sex offenders and would be ineligible to hold a political office.  Here is a partial list of their criminal offenses: 1) Breaking and Entering a Whole Continent, 2) Theft of a Whole Continent, 3) Conspiracy to Steal a Continent, 4) Rapes (too numerous to count), Murders (too numerous to count), 5) Refusal to Pay Taxes, 6) Conspiracy to Avoid Paying Taxes, 7) False Imprisonments (too numerous to count), 8) Human Trafficking (too numerous to count), 9) Kidnapping (too numerous to count), 10) Felonious Assaults (too numerous to count), 11) Slave Owners (too numerous to count), 12) Child Molestations (too numerous to count), and 13) Acts of Pedophilia (too numerous to count).

The founding fathers had envisioned as the illumination pathway to reach the ideal sociological interactions of their times as the following classified societal principles: 1) Segregation, 2) Apartheid System, 3) Racism, 4) Institutionalized Racism, 5) Elitism, and Classism.

Patrick Henry, a member of the founding fathers, wanted liberty or death for himself and his progeny.  I doubt very seriously if he would have responded in an affirmative manner – granting freedom to one of his many slaves.  Governing principles were at the core of the United States of America founding fathers movement toward nationhood status.  Very little was overlooked in their written documents (inclusive of the Declaration of Independence, Preamble to the Constitution, and the Constitution). Their positions were clear as their governing principles: 1) White Only Rule, 2) White Men Only Rule, 3) Denial of Civil Rights to People of Color, 4) No Commerce Opportunities for People of Color, and 5) Blacks Counted as 3/5 of a Human Being.

When you have before you a comprehensive background check of the birthers/ founding fathers of patriotism, I concur and support Colin Kaepernick.  It is hard to stand up for something that is not what it has been made out to be.  I support Colin Kaepernick, because none of the presidential candidates or political parties have made any overtures to address the materialization of the Municipal and County Police Departments.  The political candidates, nor their political party affiliations have addressed with a resolution the death of unarmed civilians by police.  Having said all the above, I support Colin Kaepernick and his position.

Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director

Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC



  • WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM *Comprehensive *Informative *Provocative Black Consciousness shall be raised to a level that has been unsurpassed in any era of Blacks in America since the Reconstruction Era! *Compelling Action *Igniting Compassion *Inspiring Passion



(Comments, Questions, Statements, or Inquiries for Answers)

If you are an African-American, Black, or a Person of Color and you are already a member of Facebook, then you have no qualms about being a part of contributing to and supporting the success of Mark Zuckerberg.  Right?

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Love, Peace, and Unity for Solutions,

Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director

Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy Leadership, and Service, LLC

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  • WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM *Comprehensive *Informative *Provocative Black Consciousness shall be raised to a level that has been unsurpassed in any era of Blacks in America since the Reconstruction Era! *Compelling Action *Igniting Compassion *Inspiring Passion



 (Most) Blacks, living in America, must learn to love themselves (their brothers and sisters) more than they love the Democratic Party.  This segment of the populace who have joined this marriage to the Democratic Party must learn to display the same loyalty to other Blacks as they give unconditionally to the Democratic Party.  This love and loyalty demonstrated to the Democratic Party is blind, even more so than their religious faith.

The above statement should not be misconstrued as a blanket endorsement of the Republican Party (GOP).  Black voters get absolutely nothing (above some symbolic streets named after a brother or a sister), while all other ethnic groups get economic empowerment tools.  The fortification of the Black vote to the Democratic Party has been taken for granted.  Each election cycle produces a scenario where Blacks get less and less as they vote more and more for the Democratic Party.

Police Brutality, Poverty, Prison Population (Black Mass Incarceration), and Non-Investment Opportunities (Entrepreneurship Startup Capital) are not mentioned with solutions.

We, as Black People, must develop and then present the solutions to our issues to whatever political party, bureaucratic institution, or individual candidate, who will champion our solution as presented without attempting to dilute it with political rhetoric.  We, Black People, must demand from any political machine the loyalty that they seek from us with each election cycle.

As an individual of faith, I must thrust forth the words as penned by the Prophet Isaiah, “And those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins; You will raise up the age-old foundations; And you will be called the repairer of the breach, The restorer of the streets in which to dwell.” [Isaiah 58:12 NASB]  When these words of the prophet have been internalized, we, as Black people, will be able to practice love among one another, exercise loyalty toward one another, and implement trust in one another.  Then we will be able to accept solutions that shall arise from within our own ranks to determine the path to eliminate any conundrum, which shall attempt to plaque our people.


Only then, should we, as Black people, decide to get on board a certain political train, we shall purchase our own ticket and choose our own destination.  The proffer of a free one way ticket will not guarantee a return trip home.


WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM is the vehicle that will raise Black Consciousness to levels unseen since the Reconstruction Era.  Register today.  It is FREE - BE FREE.  People get ready - A CHANGE IS COMING! Remember, One Million Strong by Black History Month 2017!
WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM is the vehicle that will raise Black Consciousness to levels unseen since the Reconstruction Era. Register today. It is FREE – BE FREE. People get ready – A CHANGE IS COMING!
Remember, One Million Strong by Black History Month 2017!


The whole of society is clamoring for change.  Change, which shall improve the lot of the imperfect people and the impoverished people, will not come as a result of a political election.  Positive change for the oppressed people, the disadvantaged people can only emerge by a united front of those who have been designated as second class citizens and relegated to a suppressed populace state.

Today, www.blacksforchange invites you to help empower the Black people in America by registering as a member.  The membership on www.blacksforchange is not invasive into your privacy.  It does; however, present a display of potential as a powerful unified effort.  WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM does present an opportunity to interact with other Black people in an effort to raise Black Consciousness.  You will be asked to give up for less personal data that most people give away daily on Facebook and a number of other sites.

WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM is owned and operated by Blacks.  It has been created by Blacks.  It has been design to pioneer as a tool to further Black Consciousness and present a unified voice of solidarity.  The call to register on www.blacksforchange should never be confused as a voter registration drive associated with any primary or general election.  When you will have registered on www.blacksforchange.com, you will have acted on a precise call to become part of a campaign to set forth solutions.  WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM shall directly impact the African-American community by opening a platform to every individual.  Once you, your family, and your friends have successfully registered on www.blacksforchange.com, you will have taken a proactive measure to help build a solidarity voice for the people.  This solidarity voice campaign has a realistic goal to become One Million Strong by Black History Month (February) 2017.

Black people do not have to fear change.  Change, positive change for us is inevitable.  We simply must become the engineers in what this positive will look like and how it shall impact our lives.  A Change Is Coming.  I have over 1100 friends on Facebook, I am asking you (if you have not already done so) to register today on www.blacksforchange.com.  I urge you to register today on www.blacksforchange.com.  In addition, I am also asking you to join with www.blacksforchange.com for VOICE OF SOLIDARITY BREAKTHROUGH DAY – FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016.  I am also asking you to invite ten (10) other people from your list of acquaintances, associates, family, and friends to register on www.blacksforchange.com.  Join with www.blacksforchange.com and be a part of this history making venture.  Our strategy is easy to launch and clearly defined – VOICE OF SOLIDARITY BREAKTHROUGH DAY!






Nation Builders. Nation Building. Nationhood.




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Why is it that no sales associates will inquire if an individual has a felony conviction before concluding a purchase?  By the same token, no one has ever been asked at the time of purchase whether or not that the possessor of the American currency has a criminal record?  Yet, the same business will deny the same person a chance to earn American currency honestly, if the request or of employment has recorded a felony conviction.

Let us begin to think and reason together.  What steps must be taken to give everyone who has the desire and skill set to make a decent living in this country?  If the intent of the Criminal Justice System is only to carry out a mandate from the Judicial Branch of Government, and the Legislative Branch of Government, and the Executive Branch of Government, then those who have suffered (directly and in-directly) must speak to the system to give their follow human beings equal access to the right to exist in a quality state of life.

No one is asking the government to come forth with more handouts, it is simply the matter of removing the foot from the neck of someone already struggling to recover an open passage to breathe.

The convicted felon has lost the right to protect his or her family with a firearm (NRA your help is needed) as well as the privilege to secure a decent wage.  The absence of these two critical components of responsible adulthood means the surrender of respect within the family structure.  The authority that came with adulthood and parenthood has been dismissed, when an individual lacks the means to provide food, shelter, and clothing for those he or she loves.  Respect for authority has been lost in the jungle of the denial of personhood status, whenever the laws expel a human being from the opportunity to be all that the Creator endowed an individual to accomplish.

SPECIAL EPILOGUE – Today, I was official refused a job by a janitorial service due sole to my past record.  Never mind that I have paid my debt to society.  Never mind that I have studied at the Doctoral Studies level.  Please do not put down every Black male who does not have a job.  I have tried unsuccessfully for two years to find a job.  What is a man (or woman) supposed to do?  Enough of this pull yourself up by your bootstraps and work hard message.  An ex-offender can be pushed to the brink with all the forgiveness talk and the reality of the antitheses action.

All ex-offenders, their families, and their friends should immediately register on www.blacksforchange.com.  We need you to register today on www.blacksforchange.com.  Join us for VOICE OF SOLIDARITY BREAKTHROUGH DAY – FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016.  We are asking each individual to invite ten (10) people from your acquaintances and associates (in addition to family members) to register on www.blacksforchange.com.  Together, let us make history.  We can start this historic strategy on – VOICE OF SOLIDARITY BREAKTHROUGH DAY.



At the mere mention of the first term Nation Building, the thought of nationhood for the imperfect people and the impoverished people can strike apprehension in the hearts of the people who are most in need of the benefits that a new nation would proffer. Nation Building will reveal itself as a riddle, awaiting to be resolved by both the recipients of nationhood status and those who will vehemently oppose its mission.


The NBA has taken the initiative to remove their All-Star Game Festivities over who may or may not use a bathroom.  I am not writing this particular piece to support or condemn any sexually oriented lifestyle; nor am I about to launch into my personal theological position.  I do; however, have a very sincere position on the NBA’s recent action.

To the Commissioner of the NBA, you do have the right to move your product.  Since the bathrooms/locker rooms seem to be of paramount importance to you, please consider the following for the move of your NBA All-Star Game Festivities.  Please think of avoiding the home of the Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Pelicans, Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, and all other cities or states where the NBA has a franchise, which has seen the death of unarmed Black men at the hands of the police department using lethal force.

Mr. Commissioner, Alvin Silver, I am sure you have a good understanding of Black males, since your product is primarily generating funds because of their skills and talents.  I am sure that the lives of unarmed men has more importance to you than who can use whatever bathroom.

Mr. Commissioner, Alvin Silver, I am sure that in your fairness that you will take an activist position on behalf of your Black players, coaches, executives and fans.



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Consensual Insurgency – TO PEOPLE MAKING HISTORY, HISTORY IS NOW.  To be determined to make history, insurmountable hurdles do not exist. To people destined to make history,victory is incessantly in view.IMG_0331

Urgency will drive the pioneers of social change, always has and always will.  Major steps shall be taken without indicators pointing to vicissitude within a dominant element of society.  Change agents will lead based upon the needs of the people, not what might be in vogue.

The attrition of developments in life will come mostly as unforeseeable.  They shall come to test our endurance, faith, and commitment.  Especially tested will be our vows to solve problems related to community, which may bring about societal change.

Personally, it has become excruciatingly painful to think of having lived for decades and not contributing to the positive change for people who have suffered under oppression and injustice. Of all the experiences that I have undergone, my living will have been in vain – if conditions have worsen at my demise than they were at my birth.  This should not be interpreted in some morbid sense, nor should it be looked upon as delusional thinking.  I will simply possess great faith.  I cannot accept less than the unlimited potential that has always resided within me.

Transition – Nation Building will create an opportunistic vehicle for the imperfect people and the impoverished people to achieve success; whereas, the current system will impose disqualifying sanctions.  A nation shall engender a cosmic volume of opportunities for a prodigious number of people.  This collectiveness of resources should produce outlets of commendatory consummation.  As individuals excel, a nation shall gain.  A nation shall protect its citizens and will administer the apropos environ of stability and growth.  A nation’s leaders will be mandated to supply excellent stewardship.

Programs have limits as to who may and how many can be served.  Programs have specified target audiences.  By the very nature and design, certain populations will be excluded.  Therefore, people, with multiple needs, shall find it a necessity to look beyond programs.  They have to transition to Nation Building, when their current nation has turned a non-responsive ear to their exigencies.  Nation Building has an inclusive agenda for all who are a part of its makeup.  This shall be an assertiveness which will sufficiently address the needs of its constituents over an extended period.

The resolved aspiration of Nation Building will be to raise the quality of the life of the people.  The transition from Movement to Nation Building will demand an education.  This instruction has to instill the compulsion for overall wholeness above symptomatic momentary relief.  Nation Building will implode as merely a utopian pervasive conundrum.  Black Social Transfiguration will be a step-by-step re-ordering of the lives of people in need of a literal transformation.  The invigoration of a new life cannot become possible without a spiritual renewal.  The combination of existential factors will make Nation Building practical and something to behold.  The transition to Nation Building can be grasped as a concept, prayer over as a vision, and accomplished by an imperfect people and an impovertished people, who shall choose to live by faith.


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“The Baedeker to Nationhood” represents the most radical and doable proposal for positive change on the shores of America since The Boston Tea Party. 

“The Baedeker to Nationhood” represents the most radical and doable proposal for beneficial change for the imperfect people and the impoverished people within America since The Reconstruction Era.


Upon exposure to the content of this volume, you will discover a channel, conduit, and stream of truth that will enable the imperfect people and the impoverished people to claim dignity, respect as well as prosperity. The Baedeker to Nationhood” is an exertion worthy of careful exploration. I thank you for your support and willingness to assist in this project ascending to its full potential. Peace.

Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director

Midwest Minority Think Tank


 P.S. Please invite a friend to join you.  I hope that you will also forward this message to others who you believe can gain insight from this event.







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