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(“The Collective Genius” available on and Kindle)


The “Collective Genius” program will set in place a means for you to join an existing group or to participate in the forming of a new group.  In both cases, you will get to review the personal profile that has been posted by each individual on this site.

This program offers several layers of communications among its members, including chat rooms and private chat rooms by invitation.  In addition, the site offers the opportunity for inter-site email exchanges.  This will permit individuals the choice of releasing to others the content from the exercises completed.  Online retreats will add to the opportunity to share and to gain insight from individuals who have the potential to bond into a “Collective Genius.”

The ultimate in Group Forming will be to personally attend retreats sanctioned by the “Collective Genius” for such purposes.  Your attendance at lectures, symposiums, colloquiums, workshops, and other special events should also add to the possibility of a successful Group Forming.

Another key to Group Forming will emerge from the commonality of issues of concern you share with others.  Group Forming, as part of the “Collective Genius” endeavor, has the purpose of resolving community or societal problems.  The assembly of a group of people of like faith (or compatible beliefs), but diverse gifts, should set the stage to accomplish what an individual (acting alone) could not possibly attain.  Along with prayer, the group ought to submit to the Holy Spirit as the optimum facilitator.  You should put forward your principles and ideals to the group that you would consider joining or forming new.

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