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Words are not quite enough to portray the “Collective Genius;” however, the subject matter is too weighty to proceed at this point without a working definition.  In short, the “Collective Genius” is “A group of individuals considered a whole, working in harmony by concentrating their intellectual capabilities toward accomplishing a specific goal.”  Even briefer, “Collective Genius” is “All members of a group working as a collective and pooling their capacity or aptitude to achieve a particular outcome.”

In short, these two definitions only acknowledge that “Collective Genius” is a vague thing that gives pursuers and researchers modified approaches to know it.  To those engaged in “Collective Genius,” they can perceive its existence through their natural senses or spiritual depths.  “Collective Genius” has four distinct traits:

  • A divine revelation (afflatus) inspiring a combined body of believers of the same faith practice that moves toward God as the source of enlightenment and wisdom.
  • A peculiar, distinctive character, or spirit (as of a nation or a language) that propels the totality of members to summits not attainable separately.
  • A hallmark (shared or assumed by all members of the group) identifiable as exceptional, invigorating the entirety to achieve feats otherwise unrealizable.
  • A procurable resource used by a number of people as a group that displays extraordinary power.

The “Collective Genius” states a Sovereign God can transform all of His creation to unparalleled levels of achievement.  Faith has a key role.  Faith is then magnified through the unity of a group.  The “Collective Genius” is an unabridged, uncut fusion of an academic and a theological interpretation of intellect, solidarity, and the Spirit in action.  By faith, the Holy Spirit imparts gifts to Believers, which can enable an individual or a group regardless of academic background to address adversity and develop effectively fresh innovations.  With the practice of faith, the spiritual, intellectual, and pragmatic can harmonize into a powerful element with credibility.

In dealing with the complexities of life, you should seek new routes to resolutions.  Through a walk of faith, the “Collective Genius” will challenge you to leave no stone unturned that could lead to tangible accomplishments.


             This distinctive tool will propel you into a far-reaching work engineered by the Holy Spirit, which shall empower you to:

  • Contribute to a group in order to achieve broad goals;
  • Commit yourself toward group accomplishments, and
  • Discover a clear passage to untapped personal abilities.

Approached with commitment, this program will elevate your confidence, enabling you to trust your faith to participate in group inventiveness.  ON this journey, do not simply accept the thoughts of others; rather, allow the “Collective Genius” to instruct you to actually build upon them.

The “Collective Genius” invites you to embark upon a faith journey.  You ought to discover a process to eliminate fear to tackle troubles.  Embarking upon the pathway illuminated by the Holy Spirit, you should realize monumental triumphs.  These shall come about as you connect with existing groups or you become the catalyst to form new groups to inaugurate the “Collective Genius.”


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