S.U.R.E. Curriculum – Academic/Exponential/Spiritual



Personal Transformation Equals Community Reformation

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The Curriculum

“SupportUpliftRestoreEnrich” (S.U.R.E.) Curriculum exemplifies the application that Personal Transformation Equals Community Transformation.  This represents the core value that will emerge as a clear-cut specialty arising from a distinctive curriculum.  The original works proffer a unique balance of academic, exponential, and spiritual learning.  The format includes exercises and instructions that will nourish the mind and the spirit.

Upon completion of all eight volumes, you (the user) will be equipped to teach the courses in a variety of sessions (extended classes, workshops, seminars, or retreats).  The eight outstanding works (with listed sub-category) compile a context that may serve as unified curriculum, segmented module, or represented as a stand- alone program.

The eight titles are listed below:

  1. What Is Said Shall Be Established: Being Ready –                        BISAC: Religion/Christian Life/Spiritual Growth
  2. How to Meet the People Who Will Assist You and Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships –                                                      BISAC: Self-Help/Personal Growth/Success
  3. How to Conduct a Winning Issue Campaign –                                    BISAC: Political Science/ Political Process/Political Advocacy
  4. How to Move from Idea to Implementation –                                 BISAC: Self-Help/Personal Growth/Success
  5. Leaders of Fifty: The Text –   BISAC: Religion/Inspirational
  6. Leaders of Fifty (L.O. 50): The Workbook –                                             BISAC: Political Science/Public Policy/Social Policy
  7. The Collective Genius –                                                                               BISAC: Self-Help/Motivational & Inspirational
  8. How to Implement an Advocacy Campaign –                                       BISAC: Political Science/Political Process/Political Advocacy

Each of the above volumes contains insightful information prepped for an instantaneous life application.  Combined or separated, these eight volumes will move you (the user) beyond a well versed discussion to a precision execution of a proficient method that will lead to a treasured outcome.  S.U.R.E. will help empower individuals to make a personal transformation, which will energize them to assist in community reformation.



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