Mission statement: To devise effective public policy options, leadership development alternatives, and service execution choices.

Vision statement: To get off the ground measures that can reposition the geopolitical concepts, sociocultural practices, and socioeconomic systems primarily directed to disfavor the disenfranchised, disengaged, and disparaged.

Purpose statement: To dislodge and replace deficient ideas, restrictive ideologies, or confining practices which unfairly portray minority populations, dismantle leadership potential, and inadequately benefit constituencies with realistic replacements, practical options, and accessible resources.

Fairness and integrity approach: To subdue any barrier, impasse, or stumbling block in the striving toward the eradication of and the:

  1. abrogating ad versed geopolitical oppressions,
  2. reversing excluded socioeconomic practices,
  3. uplifting disadvantaged sociocultural groups,
  4. reintegrating disenfranchised minority populations, and
  5. eliminating conflicted theological mores.

Organizational philosophy: To generate clarifications, interpretations, and solutions opposed to another platform for stimulating opinionated discourses or rousing dogmatic discussions without a possible resolve emergence.

Concept: To strive passionately to impact public policy creation, leadership direction, and service delivery through academic research, collective exploration, populace address, and widespread inquiry.

Goal: To facilitate change on behalf of those excluded from the bureaucratic process of public policy determination, overlooked as valued grass roots leadership, and disregarded in the design of public service.

Objective: To redirect the positive energy of a constituency with nominal public policy exposure, minimal advocacy experience, and very little service organizational skill geared toward:

  1. comprehension of the process,
  2. exhibition of resources, and
  3. opportunity of input

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