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“Resource Guide”: Collector’s Edition

Authored by:  Mark Carven Olds, MNO, CNM, CPE

List Price: $29.99 – 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm) Full Color Bleed on White Paper 28 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1537115542 (CreateSpace-Assigned)  ISBN-10: 1537115545

BISAC: Political Science / Civics & Citizenship

WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM  has been launched as a website that shall embody the disenfranchised people of the Black community in a fresh empowering endeavor. The mission shall present an organism that will substantially contribute to the unification of the African-American community. Through an illustration of Black unity, an invitation can then be extended to ingratiate all other minority groups. When a path to unity has been clearly identified by a grassroots initiative among Black people, other minority groups will have a paragon to follow. This will reflect the same paradigm as the Black Movements for Civil Rights has served in the past.
The call to register on www.blacksforchange.com  should never be confused as voter registration drive associated with any primary or general election. When you register on www.blacksforchange.com, you will have acted on a precise call to become part of a campaign to set forth solutions. WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM  shall directly impact the African-American community by opening a platform to every individual. Once you, your family, and your friends successfully register on www.blacksforchange.com, you have taken a proactive measure to help build a solidarity voice. This solidarity voice campaign has a realistic goal to become One Million Strong by Black History Month (February)-2017.
One Million Voices in solidarity, who have no political affiliation and have no allegiance to any political machine, will have assembled a strong force in America to present solutions rather a continuous round endless political rhetoric. Black America will have in the Solidarity of One Million Strong Voices, connected by www.blacksforchange.com, an independent voice not controlled by political machines or grant dollars. Most of all, back room deals will no longer be camouflaged by designated Black leaders who supposedly speak for the people. WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM  will represent the voice of the people, allowing each individual to set forth their solution path. No longer will the Democratic Party Plantation speak for all Black people. When the intense message of this initiative has been effectively accomplished as well as successfully internalized, we will demonstrate strength as a clear communication of solutions to any conundrum. One Million Voices in Solidarity outside of the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, or any other political party, shall speak with power to the powers of the status quo. WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM  shall reflect one million plus voices collaborating to utter solutions and reveal the “Collective Genius” of a people who have been systemically oppressed by the existing order.
These committed voices will be empowered through www.blacksforchange.com.  They will have the ability to communicate with one another, access to form groups, and assets to express variant positions, while only seeking those individuals or institutions that will openly and spiritedly support the implementation of our solutions. It is not an option to give away our vote in the hope that the elected official will come back with something beneficial for the constituency. We have grown impatient with candidates and institutions, who only wish to dialogue, study, and talk statistics about the problems that exist.
WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM  has granted the mechanism for Change to come to African-Americans. Change will only come forth to full fruition as we disperse the solutions from within our own ranks. The dissemination mechanism is present in the revealing of www.blacksforchange.com.
You must exercise the privilege and opportunity to compose articles, post your videos, make known your solutions, and exemplify your approaches to elevate the state of all forty million plus Blacks living in America. There are so many features on the www.blacksforchange.com  website that will allow each individual to express their positive creativity. Let us be proactive in making history!

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