I support Colin Kaepernick.  I have been exposed to the entire lyrics of The National Anthem. I have discovered that the second verse serves as an ode to slave owners.  In addition, it demeans Blacks as property.

I must interject here that African-Americans/Blacks in America did not come to this land as immigrants.  That is number one.  Number two, Africans were not looking for a better opportunity or quality of life in the agricultural industry in the southern states in America.  And number three, truth should and will triumph over patriotism.

The founding fathers of this nation and their patriotic movement sound have a background check (reality check).  The myth or history surrounding the so called founding fathers orbits a primary objective, freedom from a dominant power.  This has been the historical version taught in the public school system as related to the founding fathers.  These founding fathers of the United States of America were White (descendants of Europeans and proud owners of African slaves that were purchased expressly to supply a cheap labor force in America).

These founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, embraced the assignment with specificity of what they desired as an outcome.  A background check on these founding father and the birthers of this contemporary patriotic fervor should have been charged with crimes and convicted by the laws that they composed.  They were guilty of felonies and repeat offenders.  In contemporary America, they (the founding fathers) would be codified as habitual criminals.  They would forfeit their rights to bear arms or to vote.  The founding fathers of these United States of America would have their liberty and freedom curtailed.  They would have to register as sex offenders and would be ineligible to hold a political office.  Here is a partial list of their criminal offenses: 1) Breaking and Entering a Whole Continent, 2) Theft of a Whole Continent, 3) Conspiracy to Steal a Continent, 4) Rapes (too numerous to count), Murders (too numerous to count), 5) Refusal to Pay Taxes, 6) Conspiracy to Avoid Paying Taxes, 7) False Imprisonments (too numerous to count), 8) Human Trafficking (too numerous to count), 9) Kidnapping (too numerous to count), 10) Felonious Assaults (too numerous to count), 11) Slave Owners (too numerous to count), 12) Child Molestations (too numerous to count), and 13) Acts of Pedophilia (too numerous to count).

The founding fathers had envisioned as the illumination pathway to reach the ideal sociological interactions of their times as the following classified societal principles: 1) Segregation, 2) Apartheid System, 3) Racism, 4) Institutionalized Racism, 5) Elitism, and Classism.

Patrick Henry, a member of the founding fathers, wanted liberty or death for himself and his progeny.  I doubt very seriously if he would have responded in an affirmative manner – granting freedom to one of his many slaves.  Governing principles were at the core of the United States of America founding fathers movement toward nationhood status.  Very little was overlooked in their written documents (inclusive of the Declaration of Independence, Preamble to the Constitution, and the Constitution). Their positions were clear as their governing principles: 1) White Only Rule, 2) White Men Only Rule, 3) Denial of Civil Rights to People of Color, 4) No Commerce Opportunities for People of Color, and 5) Blacks Counted as 3/5 of a Human Being.

When you have before you a comprehensive background check of the birthers/ founding fathers of patriotism, I concur and support Colin Kaepernick.  It is hard to stand up for something that is not what it has been made out to be.  I support Colin Kaepernick, because none of the presidential candidates or political parties have made any overtures to address the materialization of the Municipal and County Police Departments.  The political candidates, nor their political party affiliations have addressed with a resolution the death of unarmed civilians by police.  Having said all the above, I support Colin Kaepernick and his position.

Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director

Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC


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