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Lavar Ball’s Socioeconomic Foresight as a Father and a Visionary

Lavar Ball’s Socioeconomic Foresight as a Father and a Visionary

Lavar Ball is to be commended as a father and a visionary. He has a socioeconomic foresight for his three sons. I should also point out that he is married to the mother of his sons.
Lavar Ball has taken a page from the Richard Williams playbook (the father of Venus and Serena). These two African-American males understand that success does not have to be determine by the culture and mindset of corporate America (or White American business or cultural norms).
Rapper, The Game, has stepped up to purchase the tennis shoes introduced under Lavar Ball’s Big Baller Brand ZO2. In addition, New Orleans Pelican’s player, Jordan Crawford, became the first NBA Player to purchase a pair of The Big Baller Brand Z02. Chad Johnson, Michael Bennet and other celebrities have also committed to buying a pair. I lift these positive individuals as so many other Black men with a platform have chosen to ridicule the efforts of Lavar Ball to build a brand and a legacy for his family. I will not even mention their names as to give them anymore opposition clamor. Most are very rich and must do what the CEO (Master) says. They have a chore to safeguard their gatekeeper position (I can go in the front door of the Master’s house mentality). Why hate on an initiative that has historic potential written all over it?
It sounds a lot like “get a good job and work hard for somebody else and have a little something.” Lavar Ball is working hard to give others a job and make a socioeconomic impact in America. Isn’t the so-called American Dream rooted in entrepreneurship? Dreamers step outside the box to produce what others cannot envision.
I commend Lavar Ball as a husband, father, entrepreneur, and socioeconomic strategist.

Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director
Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC.

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By:  Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director, Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC

Beyond the personal support of the man, Colin Kaepernick.  I support the level of Black Consciousness that his actions have raised.  I have no personal knowledge of Colin Kaepernick’s faith commitment or any of his organizational allegiance.  What I do possess; however, is a keen awareness of the absence of justice in America and an astute recognition of the presence of injustice.  I have to act on the absence of justice and the presence of injustice far more than any personal action taken by Colin Kaepernick.  In essence, I appreciate Brother Colin’s courage to launch a personal protest that may involve into a movement.  What must be seen going forward is the meaning of why he started his personal sit down as opposed to what the flag does or does not stand for, or the National Anthem represents or does not represent.

The personal action demand has been launched by injustice and oppression aimed at Blacks and other people of color in this nation.  Since Colin Kaepernick has taken the systemic acts of oppression against the less fortunate personally, each individual must not look solely to Colin Kaepernick for a next course of action.  The question now becomes, what will you do as an individual?  What will be your individual protest or proactive response to the current plight of injustice?  Kaepernick has risked his career and his earning capacity on the line.  Will you stand or sit at the next high school football game?  Do you feel strong enough about the injustice to risk your son or nephew an opportunity to get a scholarship to college?  Or, do you feel the struggle should be left to others on a bigger stage?

Let us not allow “the Colin Kaepernick Experience” to become only a star-studded, trendy event. Should that become the course of action, then there will be the risk that entire effort will quickly fade.  This significant moment and opportunity should not be tabled until the next hottest thing appears.

  • In the comfort of your own home, what do you plan to do when the Nation Anthem is played?
  • In the confines of your own heart, what will you be thinking?
  • In the inner chambers of your heart, what action will be prompted within you when the Black National Anthem (Lift Every Voice and Sing) is played?

Some have suggested America (as far back as “the Ray Charles Rendition”) should be the Nation Anthem.

As related to the National Anthem controversy, I have a suggestion in the midst of the calls for dialogue and discussion.  I hereby suggest, “A’INT NO STOPPIN’ US NOW” by Whitehead and McFadden.  Colin Kaepernick has reminded us as well inspired us to move from merely standing to doing.  Whitehead and McFadden have reminded us and Colin Kaepernick and other professional athletes have shown us that we are on the move – A CHANGE IS COMING!

Rather than the continuous reliance on the Eurocentric controlled media for dialogue, discussion, and direction, proffers a platform of inclusion, proactive engagement, solution deployment.

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                The whole of society is clamoring for change.  Change, which shall improve the lot of the imperfect people and the impoverished people, will not come as a result of a political election.  Positive change for the oppressed people, the disadvantaged people can only emerge by a united front of those who have been designated as second class citizens and relegated to a suppressed populace state.

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                WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM is an endeavor owned and operated by Blacks.  It has been created by Blacks to advance solutions for Blacks as part of the ongoing “Solution Strategy” of the Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC.  This unique pioneering tool has been designed to further the awareness of Black Consciousness, while presenting a unified voice of solidarity among Blacks in America. 

                It serves well to reiterate at this point that “the call to register” on should never be confused as a voter registration drive associated with any local, state, national primary or general election.  When you have registered on, you will have proactively acted upon a precision call to become a functional part of an ongoing campaign to set forth solutions that shall elevate all Blacks.  WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM shall directly impact the African-American community by opening access to a platform to every member in more than a symbolic gesture.  Each voice of descendants of African slaves living in America can now be heard.

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                Black people should not and do not have to fear change.  Change, positive change for Blacks in America, – when congealed through solidarity – is inevitable.  We, African-Americans/Blacks in America, must unpretentiously become the engineers, who will determine what the positive change will engulf and represent.  The outcome of this social/theoretical engineering shall reveal itself as a watchword to be etched into Black Consciousness.  This positive change shall impact Black lives for generations to come.  A Change Is Coming!

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Nation Builders. Nation Building. Nationhood.




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Finally, if you have a comment, question, statement, or an inquiry for answers related to Facebook, could you pick up your phone and dial Mark Zuckerberg direct?  If you have a comment, question, statement, or an inquiry for answers related to, you can pick up your phone and dial Mark Carven Olds direct at 216.785.0757.

Love, Peace, and Unity for Solutions,

Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director

Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy Leadership, and Service, LLC

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(50 Avouching Expressions)


            Nation Building, arriving at full nationhood status, can only emerge through the power and will of an Almighty God.  The infrastructure can only be established by the Spirit of God.  The citizenry can only be fulfilled by a people who have chosen to exercise faith in the promises of God.

  1. The mechanism of Nation Building shall make a personal appeal to the perspective citizenry to pursue recognition of nationhood as a collective body, not merely a voting bloc as an aligned constituency.
  2. Nation Building will proclaim theocracy a victor over democracy. Theocracy will liberate the mind and set the spirit free from an entangled and entrenched practice in the philosophy and exercise of democracy.  The Word of God is not up for an earthly discussion.  It has been forever settled in Heaven.
  3. Nation Building has no intention of ever being mistaken as an entitlement program. Nation Building will rely upon the provisions that shall be made available by God and His riches in Glory!
  4. Nation Building shall transcend any fantasy or air castle. The initiative will proffer a systemic approach to building lives, recovering lives, and restoring lives through covenant living.
  5. Under the shelter of separate economic, political, and social umbrellas, Biblical justice has extended a theological canopy as a place of refuge for the imperfect, the impoverished, and the ostracized from the coeval dominant powers. Nation Building will reject power by repressive ordinances or any demonstration of oppressive force.
  6. Nation Building can concatenate a common culture, conscientious commerce engagement, political infrastructure, and a spirited sense of kinship. Faith can provide a means of protection to shelter the imperfect people and the impoverished people without an intrusion on territorial boundaries. The protection would be expanded to cover the unforeseen through the application of faith.  Faith will serve as the buttress that can reinforce the series of links, keeping each link of the chain strong.
  7. The Nation Builder shall represent both the peace and the power of Jesus Christ. The message (the Doctrine of Nation Building) will offer a pathway to heal and to reconcile people within the context of nationhood as an exemplar of covenant living (peace). Also, the communication will demonstrate the strength to change directions, while establishing a new focus in life (power).
  8. The combination of peace and power (succinctly deployed) shall create environs for harmonious living. The Nation Builder will not employ disruptive tactics, but shall offer a stimulating message that will be geared toward harmony.  The equipoise of the forces (spirit and nature) that breathe a symmetry of uniformity into people will arise through the Doctrine of Nation Building.
  9. An Ambassador of Peace must proclaim unity. A nation build upon unity as defined by the Father will practice righteousness. With this principle in operation, the Nation Builder shall seek a consensus that will embrace fellowship, friendship, rapport, and solidarity.
  10. The Nation Builder, as an Ambassador of Peace, shall advocate for a cohesive coexistence among all people; thereby, promoting a classless and a past-less society.




(50 Avouching Expressions)


The Father has not relinquished His power to create new things.  He has not abandoned any of His promises.  What the Father has spoken in times pass, He has the ability to perform in today’s world.  Because men have failed to recognize His omnipotence does not mean for one moment that the Father has ceased to be all that He has always been.

  1. Nation Building should not be confused as a fad, but must have full recognition as a revelation. This initiative shall illuminate a passageway for the imperfect people and the impoverished people to tread in order to obtain self-reliance, triumph over collateral sanctions, and liberation from the residuum that has been emitted by symmetrical acts of oppression.
  2. Nation Building will honor God with the enactment of covenant living.
  3. A nonviolent lifestyle can reverse any trend that may siphon individuals into a stream of malicious behavior.
  4. Nation Building can only mature (grow to full fruition) in a soil that has been cultivated to produce a harvest devoid of narcissism.
  5. Nation Building shall reveal an endeavor only accessible through the embracing by faith.
  6. The people, who most need to egress this world system, will almost always resist sudden change. They will abide in the status quo most often as result of intimidation by the ruling powers or their own fear of the unknown. These individuals will appear on the surface to have the least to lose by accepting citizenry in a new nation; nevertheless, they will hold onto their lowly estate with the tightest possible grip.  Fear will paralyze and these individuals will hold onto a doleful disorder entanglement.  The imperfect people and the impoverished people will cling to skepticism as an entitlement and harbor cynicism as a privilege.  Why so?  Throughout their entirety, life has been a never ending series of powerlessness.  The promise of a better existence in a new nation will ring as another political hoax or a theological other world exit.  A new nation, arising with the promise of total inclusivity, will be met with distrust.  Nation Building will add to the existing citizenship much like the Apostle Paul (a citizen of Rome, a citizen of the Jewish state, and a citizen of Heaven).  Renunciation of the present identification (natural citizenship) will find itself to be unnecessary.  Once again, the only prerequisite that has been pronounced by Nation Building:  rebirth in Jesus Christ.
  7. Nation Building will act as an occasion to replant lives and transplant futures. The contemporary application of the principle of gleaning will spread into the erection of a new nation.
  8. God can call people into His plan in whatever era that they exist where unrighteousness may appear to prevail over the multitudes. An Old Testament prophet announced that hell has enlarged itself. Violence, oppression, idolatry, and the worship of other gods all shall represent a just cause for God to choose an individual or a people to perform a new assignment.  Without any debate, the evidence has pointed to the rise of rebellion and wickedness throughout this contemporary age.  Nation Building will drum out loudly salvation through Jesus Christ.  Nation Building shall herald the Gospel and will summon the people to covenant living.  Obedience and peace will describe the only possible pathway (Nation Building) to arrive at full nationhood status.  A practice of faith, based on the Holy Scriptures, will incontrovertibly display something unique and different than what has currently dominated the visual senses.
  9. Only through the strength of covenant living can the weak and the strong find common ground for growth and development.
  10. Nation Building will contain all the ingredients for the imperfect people and the impoverished people to advance, because Nation Building has no sufficiency apart from the Spirit of God.





(50 Avouching Expressions)


Noteworthy at this point, nothing has been contained in the aforementioned definition of a nation would even remotely suggest an act of violence or the military overthrow of another established society.  The notable absence of violence should deserve chronicle recognition.  Neither military aggression, nor social turbulence should represent a prerequisite for nationhood; especially, a nation that would ascend to form a Theocratic Interdependent Peaceful Society (T.I.P.S).

  1. Most often, a new vision will surface in the midst of an unlikely scenario. Healing will emerge from pain. Freedom will arise from imprisonment.  The human intellect cannot decipher path of Divine initiatives.  “But as it is written: ‘What eye did not see and ear did not hear, and what never entered the human mind – God prepared this for those who love Him.’” [I Corinthians 2:9 HCSB]
  2. Transparency does not automatically remove complexity just as desire does not preclude struggle. The mature disciples have recognized that faith without works is dead.
  3. Nation Building shall proffer an exertion that will be hard to comprehend even for the political astute and even more difficult to visualize for the individual struggling with daily survival; nevertheless, Nation Building will represent the viable solution for the imperfect people and the impoverished people.
  4. The concept of Nation Building will make absolutely no sense to the many people who have become entrenched in a prolific and functional governance. The elite (well-heeled) and gatekeepers (designated leaders) will reject any idea that shall restructure the societal order to include the imperfect people (the ostracized) and the impoverished people (the penurious). The fact that a workable strategy (Nation Building) has been devised will not extemporaneously attract trust.  In fact, the very thought of such an initiative may even infuriate segments of the population.  A systemic explanation cannot offer a guarantee that the message may find comprehension, complimentary review, or moral reception.  “But these words appeared to them as nonsense, and they would not believe them.” [Luke 24:11 NASB]  The facts that were recorded by Luke two millenniums ago, ignored by his contemporaries, have find truth in today’s world.
  5. Nation Building will present the pathway for the imperfect people and the impoverished people to regain dignity in a classless and a past-less society.
  6. A nation must engender a cosmic volume of opportunities for a prodigious number of people. The collectiveness of resources should produce outlets of commendatory consummation. As individuals excel, a nation should gain momentum; while the exact scene should operate in the reversal of roles.  “Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people.” [Proverbs 14:34 NASB] A nation should protect its citizens, while establishing an environment of stability and growth.
  7. Nationhood can succeed outside the constraints of institutions and their practices by enlarging the tent of maneuverability to include the imperfect people and the impoverished people in unity with the justice seekers, the progressive individuals, and the skilled laborers.
  8. Nation Building shall transcend the cultures, dogmas, and other established norms of the dominant society, enlisting more than an exercise in liberal conscience appeasement toward the imperfect people and the impoverished people.
  9. A succinct combination of existential factors inclusive of Biblical justice will render Nation Building a practical endeavor.
  10. Nation Building will often contrast with the existing governing system. Conflicts and differences should not compel diverse political positions to assume confrontational and adversarial tones. When clashes (political and social agendas) have become inevitable, violence should never be considered or entertained as an option. Nation Builders must take on the leadership mantle by performing as skilled negotiators who seek a means (prayer) to resolve issues through Biblical mandates.  The foundational principles (core values) of Nation Building should never encounter a situation of compromise.