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By: Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director –

Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC

Colin Kaepernick has arrived into the conversation of America and the world.  His name is now on the lips of people who are not football enthusiasts.  Many may not know his position on the field, or what a quarterback really does.  Colin Kaepernick is now a 28 year old male, who has viewed the reality of being Black in America.  His vision of this reality has ignited a growing movement among his peers.  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was only 26, when the Montgomery Bus Boycott leadership mantle was thrust upon him.  We now recognize that beginning to be associated with the Civil Rights Movement.  The core values of the Civil Rights Movement all lead to justice.

Colin Kaepernick has emerged as a leader by simply following a process set before him.  He has come forth through a system that adored him as a:

  • Student Athlete loved,
  • Professional Athlete adored, and
  • Courageous Man of Integrity misunderstood.

As a student athlete, his potential was highly appreciated.  Colin began playing football at age 8. He went on to win several punt, pass, and kick contests.  Colin was nourished and nurtured through every level of competition both academically and athletically.  He graduated from John H. Pittman High School in Turlock, California with 4.0 GPA.  Colin was a dominate basketball player.  Colin was nominated as an All-State Baseball, Basketball, and Football Player.  He was drafted by the Chicago Cubs out of high school to be a professional baseball player; instead, he chose the path to become a student athlete.  He was applauded as a student athlete at the University of Nevada Reno.  He was trained for life after his collegiate career.  He was armed with an education both academically and athletically.   Colin was loved as a student athlete.

As a professional athlete, he was adored by fans as he led the San Francisco 49’ers to an appearance in the Super Bowl in 2012 and the NFC Championship Game in 2013, only his second and third years in the league.  He set multiple records during that span including the most rushing yards (181) eclipsing Michael Vick’s old mark of 173.  Colin Kaepernick was rewarded with a 126 million dollar contract with 54 million guaranteed.  His team and fans adored Colin as a professional athlete.

As a courageous man of integrity, Colin’s education and cultural experiences has taught him life learning beyond the classroom and the athletic field.  He has learned what it means to be a Black man in America.  He has learned his history.  He has been trained in the system’s halls of higher learning.  He has reached the system’s stage of visibility through its athletic arena.  On this stage, Colin Kaepernick has chosen to sit or kneel to show that he has learned the meaning of the United States Constitution.  He has chosen to be a Black man, a courageous Black man, rather than just a professional athlete.  For being a courageous Black man, Colin Kaepernick has received death threats.  For being a man, a courageous man of integrity, Colin Kaepernick has been misunderstood.

May Colin Kaepernick’s decision to become a courageous man of integrity challenge his peers and his generation to launch a Movement for Justice for Black People in America.

WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM serves as a bastion of Black Consciousness that transcends generational divides.

Register today at  Remember, one million strong by Black History Month (February) 2017!  Do not delay register today!


  • A voice that expresses the sentiments of the people must not be silenced.


By:  Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director, Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC

Beyond the personal support of the man, Colin Kaepernick.  I support the level of Black Consciousness that his actions have raised.  I have no personal knowledge of Colin Kaepernick’s faith commitment or any of his organizational allegiance.  What I do possess; however, is a keen awareness of the absence of justice in America and an astute recognition of the presence of injustice.  I have to act on the absence of justice and the presence of injustice far more than any personal action taken by Colin Kaepernick.  In essence, I appreciate Brother Colin’s courage to launch a personal protest that may involve into a movement.  What must be seen going forward is the meaning of why he started his personal sit down as opposed to what the flag does or does not stand for, or the National Anthem represents or does not represent.

The personal action demand has been launched by injustice and oppression aimed at Blacks and other people of color in this nation.  Since Colin Kaepernick has taken the systemic acts of oppression against the less fortunate personally, each individual must not look solely to Colin Kaepernick for a next course of action.  The question now becomes, what will you do as an individual?  What will be your individual protest or proactive response to the current plight of injustice?  Kaepernick has risked his career and his earning capacity on the line.  Will you stand or sit at the next high school football game?  Do you feel strong enough about the injustice to risk your son or nephew an opportunity to get a scholarship to college?  Or, do you feel the struggle should be left to others on a bigger stage?

Let us not allow “the Colin Kaepernick Experience” to become only a star-studded, trendy event. Should that become the course of action, then there will be the risk that entire effort will quickly fade.  This significant moment and opportunity should not be tabled until the next hottest thing appears.

  • In the comfort of your own home, what do you plan to do when the Nation Anthem is played?
  • In the confines of your own heart, what will you be thinking?
  • In the inner chambers of your heart, what action will be prompted within you when the Black National Anthem (Lift Every Voice and Sing) is played?

Some have suggested America (as far back as “the Ray Charles Rendition”) should be the Nation Anthem.

As related to the National Anthem controversy, I have a suggestion in the midst of the calls for dialogue and discussion.  I hereby suggest, “A’INT NO STOPPIN’ US NOW” by Whitehead and McFadden.  Colin Kaepernick has reminded us as well inspired us to move from merely standing to doing.  Whitehead and McFadden have reminded us and Colin Kaepernick and other professional athletes have shown us that we are on the move – A CHANGE IS COMING!

Rather than the continuous reliance on the Eurocentric controlled media for dialogue, discussion, and direction, proffers a platform of inclusion, proactive engagement, solution deployment.

Register today on  It Is Free – Be Free!





                The whole of society is clamoring for change.  Change, which shall improve the lot of the imperfect people and the impoverished people, will not come as a result of a political election.  Positive change for the oppressed people, the disadvantaged people can only emerge by a united front of those who have been designated as second class citizens and relegated to a suppressed populace state.

                Today, invites you to help empower the Black People in America by registering as a member on this site.  Membership on is non-invasive into your privacy.  It will; however, present a display of potential as a powerful unified effort. 

                  WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM shall present an opportunity for Brothers and Sisters to interact with a common thread to raise Black Consciousness.  You will be asked to give up far less personal data than a number of people freely give away daily on Facebook as well as a number of other web sites or social media hybrids.

                WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM is an endeavor owned and operated by Blacks.  It has been created by Blacks to advance solutions for Blacks as part of the ongoing “Solution Strategy” of the Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC.  This unique pioneering tool has been designed to further the awareness of Black Consciousness, while presenting a unified voice of solidarity among Blacks in America. 

                It serves well to reiterate at this point that “the call to register” on should never be confused as a voter registration drive associated with any local, state, national primary or general election.  When you have registered on, you will have proactively acted upon a precision call to become a functional part of an ongoing campaign to set forth solutions that shall elevate all Blacks.  WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM shall directly impact the African-American community by opening access to a platform to every member in more than a symbolic gesture.  Each voice of descendants of African slaves living in America can now be heard.

                Once you, your family, your friends as well as your acquaintances, your associates, and your colleagues have registered on, you will have in essence released a preemptive measure to help build a solidarity voice for the people.  This solidarity voice campaign has a realistically obtainable goal of One Million Strong by Black History Month (February) 2017.

                Black people should not and do not have to fear change.  Change, positive change for Blacks in America, – when congealed through solidarity – is inevitable.  We, African-Americans/Blacks in America, must unpretentiously become the engineers, who will determine what the positive change will engulf and represent.  The outcome of this social/theoretical engineering shall reveal itself as a watchword to be etched into Black Consciousness.  This positive change shall impact Black lives for generations to come.  A Change Is Coming!

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                Our strategy at represents an easily launched and clearly defined initiative that will make each and every day: THE RENEWAL OF A VOICE FOR A CONTINUOUS SOLIDARITY BREAKTHROUGH DAY!



Nation Builders. Nation Building. Nationhood.




  • WWW.BLACKSFORCHANGE.COM *Comprehensive *Informative *Provocative Black Consciousness shall be raised to a level that has been unsurpassed in any era of Blacks in America since the Reconstruction Era! *Compelling Action *Igniting Compassion *Inspiring Passion



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Love, Peace, and Unity for Solutions,

Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director

Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy Leadership, and Service, LLC

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Black American Hemispheric Enterprise (Commerce engagement and venture zones throughout the Western Hemisphere) – Black Americans have been present in the Western Hemisphere without a self-accumulative economic opportunity.

Many others, individuals, corporations, and multinational companies, have all benefitted greatly from Black American labor and ingenuity.  The Black American Hemispheric Enterprise shall represent potential commerce engagement that can extend throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.  Import and export, raw materials and finished products must have a part in the Black American trade portfolio.  Black Americans shall seek trade opportunities that will provide expansion possibilities.

Venture zones throughout the Western Hemisphere shall produce the occasion for Black entrepreneurs to excel and achieve success within the Western Hemisphere.  These venture zones will create opportunities for Black wares to be introduced into broader markets.  Black venture zones will help establish market share, image redefinement, and investment opportunities throughout the Western Hemisphere.  New opportunism will arise for Black investors.  The venture zones will set in place a positive element to launch new commerce endeavors.  Expansion through the Western Hemisphere by Black American entrepreneurs shall represent an ambitious directive to increase productivity with the United States by a Black American owned manufacturing base.

Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service

Reciprocity for Black Men throughout the Global Community – There must be invoked a strategic plan to reach the goal to change any negative stereotypical images of Black men that may exist on foreign soils.  Furthermore, such an effort will raise the standard of excellence that shall become the norm of Black male expectancy.  This willcome forth through economic, cultural, political, social, and theological examples and practices.  Ultimately, this type of initiative will convey a distinct advantage that shall align reciprocity for Black men throughout the global community.

This will only manifest when Black men egress the White corporate structures or as agents representing the American government.  There must be a vehicle that will allow Black American men to represent their own interests.

Black American Entrepreneurs must be seen as representatives of Black owned commercial endeavors.  It will be at this point that Black Americans shall begin to achieve global community respect.  A Black American should not have to renounce his or her birthplace to demonstrate independent thinking or progressive ingenuity.  The Black cultural experience should illustrate more than an athletic or entertainment recognition.  The bonds of a people should also reflect the “Collective Genius.”  When the males of the Black people have become respected creatively along with other external visible attributes, then reciprocity will unfold throughout the global community.

A New Agenda for Blacks in the United States of America Must Originate from within – The status quo will no longer be a viable option for Black Americans.  Radical changes have arisen to the level of necessity in order to improve the quality of life for forty million plus people.  The issues and concerns of Black people cannot be left to elected officialsalone, nor to the conscious alignment of liberal leaning researchers.  The time has expired and the portrayal of a few Black faces in high profile positions will no longer find acceptable status among the imperfect people and the impoverished people.  The gatekeepers have no policy making power, nor moral strength to stand up for their people in the interpretation of, or the development of policies.  Symbolic street naming, building dedication, or statute erection will not elevate the current standard of existence.  Symbolism will not bring forth economic stability to a people who have been systemically excluded from commerce opportunities.

Symbolisms and iconic figures held in larger than life esteem will not deter crime, create business opportunity, or provide housing.  Food, shelter, and clothing must come through revenue generation that will provide dignity and respect.  Government handouts and the multiplication of entitlement programs have run their course.  Independent wealth creation, collaborative economic ventures, and social renaissance shall emerge once self-hatred has been conquered through a radical collective social status uplifting agenda.

A Black Political Base Centric to Black Concerns and Black Issues – Black Americans cannot afford to fashion their political base on historical party affiliation.  Black Americans must not feel chained to the Democratic Party out of the fear that they have no other options.  The time has arrived for a Black political base centric to Black concerns and Black issues without an isolationist posture.  Inclusion in the coeval system should not automatically dictate an abandonment of the needs centric to the forty million plus Black constituents.  Black Americans must have a fresh voting orientation.  A vote for an issue should not command an obligation to cast a ballot for a slate of candidates.  Black concerns and issues should be presented to potential candidates and not for the Black constituency to await what the candidates will present as their platform.


Reparation Must Be Defined
                                Reparation Must Be Defined

It is a widely known fact that the United States government failed to fund the Congressional Bill, which became Federal law that would have awarded each freed slave forty acres of land and a mule.  That would have been the less costly approach to Black American Reparation.

It is a widely known fact that the United States government failed to fund the Congressional Bill, which became Federal law that would have awarded each freed slave forty acres of land and a mule.  That would have been the less costly approach to Black American Reparation.

As a result of none funding of the legislation, Black Americans exited slavery with a tradition that would come to symbolize future political assessment.  This constituency would receive symbolic gestures while other Americans would become recipients of tangible opportunities.


White America and the American government must do more than issue a symbolic apology and a statement of regret read into the Congressional Records over the misdeeds of Black slavery on its shores.  The forty million plus Black Americans living in America should have a compensation awarded that could somewhat amend for the collateral damages as an aftermath of slavery.  Post slavery impairments have been almost as vicious as the slavery institution itself.  This can be clearly seen in the lack of opportunity for equal access to land and natural resources.


The forty acres would have proven more than a start to carve out a meager sustainable existence.  This would have represented a collective potential to build an economy based upon minerals and natural resources present in the earth. The United States Government and the States that made slavery legal still have massive land holdings. Compensation dialogue should start at this level for redefining Black American Reparation.






We, the people of the State of Ohio, must act as a beckon that will lead the way for a unified nation in order that all citizens of Ohio and indeed all Americans are safe.  We must further act to stem the divisive spirit that would shatter the hope of so many and re-set the battle for equality based on ethnicity or skin hue, economic acumen or zip code, or culture or social status.  The peace loving citizenry of Ohio and America cannot observe with an idle mindset and concede that a public tool has gone awry without offering a corrective measure.  When some members of a public tool (the Police Departments) have strayed from the established mission, it would be criminal for the people, private citizens with the power of the ballot, to not intervene.  We, the general populace, cannot a monumental institution and a pillar of society to remain off course due to party affiliations, lobbyists influence, or political correctness.

A solution to end police brutality is deserving of crucial backing by all law-abiding and compassionate Ohioans and Americans.  The contemporary discontentment, which has raised a potentially poisonous venom of racial and class divide to dangerously high levels.  This clash prone attitude has emerged as the antagonist to the protagonist of the peaceful coexistence preferred by the multitudes.  Throughout our beloved State of Ohio and this great nation, America, the citizenry is deserving of a solution rather than an appeasement.  The preponderance of violence by those sworn to uphold the Constitution, to serve, and to protect cannot become a political football with no end to the proclivity for more fatalities in sight.

A solution to end police brutality is a common sense approach to halt a potential further militarization of the local police departments.  We must halt any effort that would lead the police departments into becoming local militias, or each precinct becoming a fort.  Such a path would indeed create even more resent and fear from an institution that strives best when respected and trusted.  A bond of peace has to prevail.  This connection can only exist when all people are included, not merely the economic favored or solely the members of a majority nationality.  Collective, we, citizens of Ohio, can help rid our nation of this mean-spirited advent and replace it with a harmonious spirit best suited for peaceful coexistence.



A Daughter’s Plea

Today, I am extremely concerned about the society in which my children and grandchildren have to live.  This sense of urgency has not arisen due to an escalation of drugs, gangs, murders, or terrorist.  My heartfelt concern today revolves around those who have sworn with an oath on the Constitution, both State and Federal, to serve and protect the citizenry.

My beautiful young daughter, in her twenties, has multiple degrees.  She has a wonderful husband and two of the most marvelous children any grandfather could ever hope to have call him PaPa.

Then why I am so disturbed?

My daughter has a real fear.   If she is pulled over by the police for what may be a routine occurrence for someone of another ethnicity, such a stop could cost her her life.  My daughter, her husband, my grandchildren, and her friends should not have to live with such concerns.  They should be able to enjoy the fullness of their lives without their energy, mental and emotional, spent on such delusion of their time.

Life, at best calculation, has already been deemed a brevity experience.

Thank you Baby Girl for arousing my passion once again to continue the campaign to end police brutality through the abolishment of unlimited immunity for county prosecutors and their staff.  I am thankful this morning that the rallying of my spirit came by the words of a beautiful daughter and mother who can still call her daddy, and her daddy can still call her.  It was not a tragedy that has called me back to the forefront, but a burden that no child living in America should have to contemplate on a drive to work.

Thanks once again, Baby Girl, I have heard your summon.  Daddy will return to the battlefield.

Will you join me for your children’s sake?

Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director

Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC.

Cell: 216.389.4340








Hello, I am Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director of the Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC.  I wish to take this moment to extend a very personal invitation to you.  I say personal due to this invitation coming from my desire to have you subscribe to the youtube channel of the Midwest Minority Think Tank.  The presentations over this channel will focus on justice, liberation, and salvation.

These three categories can be defined by stating:

1) justice as full appreciation of everyone’s personhood, the administration of law with equity, and honor of an individual’s right to fairness as a societal standard,

2) liberation as total freedom from oppression, confinement, or religious domination, control, or restriction of an individual to act or believe as one chooses, and

3) salvation as either preservation from a difficulty or deliverance out of an evil whether natural and spiritual.

The Think Tank’s channel will provide timely messages that shall address head on matters that may be deemed sensitive.  Such concerns and issues will be met with viewpoints that shall reveal an alignment with the theology of Biblical justice.  The truth will be spoken without regard to political correctness or without shallowness of purpose.  In addition to close scrutiny of contemporary affairs, the tone of the channel will convey messages of insight, inspiration, and revelation that can connect with the mind, soul, and spirit.

You can expect spiritual revelations of great depth and natural information of immense importance in all three focused areas of justice, liberation, and salvation.

Once again, I make a personal appeal.  Immediately, go to  Enter my name, Mark Olds, or click the link and click subscribe.  Our mission at the Think Tank is to make available a platform for anyone who has a viable solution to an issue.  You will be able to suggest concerns, titles, or topics for future exploration.  Your questions and concerns shall receive the utmost consideration.

I cannot express how deeply important it is to me to have dialogue with you and input from you.  I invite you get involved now by subscribing to the Think Tank’s channel.  Go to  Enter my name, Mark Olds, or click the link and click subscribe.  Thank you.

Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director

Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC.




My name is Mark Carven Olds, Managing Director of the Midwest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership, and Service, LLC.

Today, I would like to present to you how I define “A Flawed Visionary” and the purpose that role serves.  “A Flawed Visionary” may be defined by seven distinct characteristics.  Today, we will examine the first definition rendered as – One having a fault who still has the audacity to predict future events or developments.

I have fully embraced the role of “A Flawed Visionary.”  On various occasions, my life’s sojourn has left me wounded.  Wherefore, I have experienced incidents that have created the opportunity for the eventual emergence of deep scars.  Scars can only become visible at the healing process’ conclusion.  My vita should have RESILIENCE in all caps.  If you were to make my life the subject of a documentary, you could easily conclude that I have failed more than most of my peers.  Wherefore, you would also discover that I probably have enjoyed more successful outcomes than most of my peers.  A numerical evaluation alone would not sufficiently cover my experiences.   The reason for these end results as related to my failures has a two-fold explanation:  1) I have attempted more diverse things than others, and 2) I have an active faith toward God.

I have the practical knowledge of the Biblical doctrine of suffering.  By experience, I know that weeping may endure for a night, but joy does come in the morning.


A Flawed Visionary is defined as:

  1. One having a fault who still has the audacity to predict future events or developments:

This definition must be divided into two parts.  Today, we see why audacity must be at the forefront of “A Flawed Visionary’s”

Success story.  “A Flawed Visionary” cannot be overly sensitive to the words or deeds of the distractors, who will be quick to point out the faults of “A Flawed Visionary.”

The word fault, when used as a verb, can deliver a consistent and none fading message.  This is most often the use by people who wish to lodge a criticism at another individual.  Using fault as a verb, the opposition can express one’s unfavorable opinion of the worth and quality of someone else – criticize.

When the word fault is used as a noun, it usually is cited to point out a defect in character, a weakness – imperfection.  Those, who wish to see you fail or never rise up, are quick to point out your imperfections.

In the recognition of the pronounced faults real or imagined of substance or enhanced, “A Flawed Visionary” must exercise three significant gifts that emerge from the spirit in order to achieve success.  When these three gifts are applied by “A Flawed Visionary,” neither the past nor present, can deny an onward march to success:

1) a prophetic spirit – the utterance of divinely inspired revelations to foretell future events. “A Flawed Visionary” knows the course that has to be taken.

2) an idealist spirit – the ability to set a standard of excellence and live under the influence thereof.  “A Flawed Visionary” forgets those which are behind and has instituted a made up mind to press toward a higher mark in the future.

And 3) a dreamer spirit – the capacity to embrace a series of thoughts, images, or emotions to become part of the human condition.  “A Flawed Visionary” has adorned the mantle of RESILIENCE, determined to stop at nothing until the goal in view has been attained.